Devyani re-indicted, Arrest warrant re-issued against Indian Diplomat | Metro Journalist

Arrest warrant issued against diplomat Khobragade | Devyani Khobragade | Metro Journalist

New York, 15th March 2014:  

Stability in the life of Indian diplomat at American embassy Devyani Khobragade seems miles away. Not just single day was passed when she breathed a sigh of relief for being freed from the indictment of visa-fraud via district court in New York, U.S.. The US prosecutors have dragged her again to the court for judicial proceeding and probe. This is the second time when she was summoned for the same charges of visa-fraud along with the offence of exploiting as well as illicitly underpaying her domestic help.

US Attorney for the Southern district of New York ‘Preet Bharara’ has sent in writing to the United State district judge William Pauley the present status of Devyani. The mail included vital information of her probable stay in India now-a-days and the information regarding her arrest.

Mr. Bharara stated in letter, “An arrest warrant was also issued today. The government swill alert the court immediately upon the defendant’s arrest so that an appearance before your honour may be scheduled. At present, the defendant is believed to be in India.”  

Fresh charges have been put on against her since she fooled US authorities with the supply of her fake information in context of her domestic maid ‘Sangeeta Richard’, who underwent exploitation of being underpaid.

Now, a warrant has been issued against Devyani for putting her behind bars. The warrant re-indicting the Indian diplomat would put hurdles to get re-united with her family staying in New York,  US currently. Her union with family will be possible only outside the US territory.

But eventually, it is  clearly appeared that the state department’s political officials were not in a mood to take any stand against the department’s own bureau of diplomatic security, its human rights and free civil campaigners and its legal experts. These all had joined hands to register their opposition to Devyani Khobragade. Now, just time will tell what would be the destiny of the Indian diplomat who is besieged in run-ins and controversies. 


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